Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Elective Projects

This first series was for another assignment for my Framed Narratives class. We were asked to create a loose photo essay.

℞ (Prescription Take)

For the past six years my dad has been in and out of hospitals and has suffered some extremely severe medical problems, each with their own complications. In this project I stepped back and for the first time took a subjective look at the ridiculous amounts of medications that my dad has to take to stay alive. I've just become used to it but really all of the pills he has to take and insulin he needs to inject on a daily basis is truly incredible. Every time he is in the hospital one doctor will adjust one of his meds, and then all of the other meds need to be adjusted to compensate. These photographs are only a brief look and the series is far from finished.

This next series is a work in progress for my humor class. The assignment explores satire and dark humor. These images draw inspirations from Les Krims' series "The Incredible Case of The Stack O'Wheat Murders."

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