Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Finally Made It!

This year's Senior Thesis Exhibition opened at MIAD this past Friday, and it could not have been more fun! Everyone's work and installations looked great, and all the seniors worked extremely hard to get them done. All of the photo faculty and staff were really impressed with our work, and I heard that Professor Larry Chatman said that this year's exhibition is arguably the best he's ever seen at MIAD. I definitely had a stressful week leading up to the opening-I helped three classmates install their work before I even got to mine, and by the time I was getting ready to hang my work, all of my prints had warped! After a quick fix with some wooden dowels and epoxy I got my work on the wall, a little later than I had hoped but on time nonetheless. It was all worth it, and I was happy with the positive response that my work received. The best comment on Gallery Night came from a guy a little older than myself, he was staring at my work for a bit and just said, "Yes... Damn right." Definitely my favorite moment of the night!

In addition to the first postcards I posted previously, I had two more sets made for the Reception:

I also had an alternative form of promotion, I thought it would be a great idea to put together a compilation CD featuring music of the bands I shot for the project:

Mandie was a HUGE help and light etched all of the cd's for me and they turned out to be a big hit- I ran out halfway through the reception!

My good friends Devon and Heidi, who I photographed countless times during the project came up from Chicago and played a couple songs in front of my work. They did a great job and they definitely attracted some people over to our corner of the gallery. Here is the first song they played:

In addition to the six photographs that I posted previously, here are a few more from the exhibition:

It was really amazing to see my and my peers' hard work over the last year finally come together, we all made the whole night tons of fun! 

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  1. Fantastic with the video! It was a pleasure to see. I was not able to be there opening night, so this certainly was a treat. Hope your summer is swell.