Monday, June 14, 2010

Stalking Jon Horvath: A Prop to Fulfill my Assignment for FA381

A series of photographs documenting the spaces to which I was led within the pursuit of my Humor in Contemporary Practice instructor. Chance, a number of internet searches, and help from Tara Bogart, Naomi Shersty, and Lara Ohland led me to Jon Horvath's door. This imagery results from the 36 hours that followed.

This series was for my final assignment for my Humor class, and is a parody of my teacher Jon Horvath's series, Stalking Michael Stipe that can be seen here. I tailed Jon to his home after class on a Wednesday night and continued to stalk him through the following Friday afternoon, all without his knowledge. These are photographs that were made along the way in his neighborhood, his office, and on his lunch break at Alterra. I thought he almost caught me outside Alterra, but turns out he was unaware the whole time and thought the project was quite funny!

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