Tuesday, July 6, 2010

every day at least one bird will poop on my van

Another project from my humor class in the spring! This project was kinda strange for me- as weather was warming up this spring I started to notice the birds coming back up north, or more specifically I was noticing that they were pooping all over my van! Every time I would climb into my van there would be a new 'surprise' left on my windshield and every time I would clean it off, there would be a new one right away! I had my camera in the van and I don't really know why, but one day I decided to photograph one of the 'presents' from above. From then on I made it a habit to park under trees whenever I could and after a couple weeks had compiled a rather large collection of photographs!

When it comes down to it this series is about, well, poop. So to sort of 'elevate' the presentation of the photographs I decided to put them into a book in an ironic sort of juxtaposition as a way to make the viewer's experience with the images a more intimate one. Mandie was awesome and bound a book for my critique.

A lot of people really enjoyed the one book, so Mandie and I decided to make an edition of 20! Here are some blurry pictures from my phone of one of the nights spent assembling all of the books:

We have sold quite a few books and we have about 8 of them left. if you would like a copy of the book they are $10, and I would be more than happy to get one to you!

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